DJI Action 2 Power Combo


Power Combo includes Camera, Power Module, Magnetic Lanyard, Magnetic Adapter Holder and Power Cable. It is a great value for money option that provides longer battery life, “wearable” accessories and extensive expandability.


DJI Action 2



DJI Action 2 is not only ultra versatile, it is also our most powerful action camera. The innovative magnetic design allows you to easily interchange accessories, allowing you to capture your best moments instantly. From parkour to park walks, break the mold with DJI Action 2.

Magnetic versatility

4K / 120fps and Super wide angle FOV

Compact and portable


Waterproof to 10m [2]

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Created with precision

  1. The ultra-light aluminum alloy body has a refined minimalistic look and conveys a feeling of solidity and fluidity.

  2. Action 2’s innovative magnetic design allows you to swap accessories quickly and safely.

  3. The shape and angle of the lens have been carefully thought out to convey optimal beauty and performance.

Power to amaze

Action 2 offers unique performance and is packed with intuitive features. With all this power, users will be able to capture memorable footage from everyday to spectacular, even in difficult conditions.


Record stunningly smooth movies with ultra-rich detail that stands out from everything. DJI Action 2 reaches unprecedented heights with its ability to shoot in 4K / 120fps.

155 °

Super wide angle FOV

Enhance your perspective and get greater depth of field thanks to the super wide angle FOV of 155 °. Action 2’s custom aspherical lens sharpens edges and reduces image distortion.


HorizonSteady keeps your footage super stable no matter how hot the situation gets. From go-karts to dirt bikes, DJI’s latest built-in stabilization algorithm detects and corrects for camera shake and rotation in real time.

Action for each type of scenario

Rugged like never before, Action 2 is drop resistant, dustproof and waterproof up to 10 meters deep. [2] With a touchscreen and gorilla glass lens, it’s tough for all kinds of adventures.

– Resistant to falls

– Ultra durable


Unleash your creativity


Show your creative side with a stunning timelapse. Capture the hustle and bustle of the city or approaching clouds as time passes by.

Slow Motion 8x

A spectacular goal, the moment of an impact or a crashing wave are more spectacular when captured in slow-motion. With Action 2 you can manually turn slow motion on or off while shooting for more precise timing and greater freedom.

Digital zoom

Easily switch between close-ups and remote shots, even while shooting, to add more depth to your footage.

Built for action and more

Action 2’s magnetic design allows users to easily interchange modules and accessories. This fluidity of form makes it the most innovative multifunctional action camera.

Front touchscreen module

Double your creativity

Hook DJI Action 2 to the front Touchscreen Module and always remain the center of attention. Designed with vloggers in mind, the front-facing OLED touchscreen and 4-mic Matrix Stereo let you compose crystal-clear video and record audio as you tell your adventures. Additionally, when plugged in, Action 2’s battery life is increased to a maximum of 160 minutes while shooting. [3] Some things just click!

Smart audio

-Matrix Stereo with 4 microphones-

-Zoom Audio-

-Directional audio-

Power module

An extra boost for when you need it


Did someone say torque power? Get the best out of Action 2 and its Power Module. When plugged in, Action 2 can film up to 180 minutes and take advantage of a microSD card slot. [3] It is also instantly replaceable, allowing you to continue filming without missing a single shot.

“Wearable” accessories

Stay in the present

Action 2 lets you enjoy every moment while capturing the unimaginable. With the Magnetic Lanyard and Magnetic Headband, you can comfortably “wear” Action 2 on your chest or head, keeping your hands free and filming in FPV.

– Magnetic lanyard: Daily life

– Magnetic band: Sports shooting

Magnetic supports

Get a new perspective

Get creative or go to the extreme by connecting to one of Action 2’s magnetic mounts. The two mounts both clip directly to Action 2 via the magnetic lock and contain a ¼ ”screw hole for connecting with third-party accessories.

The Ball Head Magnetic Adapter Holder has a reusable adhesive base and a ball head that allows for different viewing points and unique angles when shooting. [4] [5] If you’re in the mood for an adrenaline rush, the Magnetic Adapter Mount is designed to securely clip onto virtually any extreme sports camera accessory.


App DJI Mimo

Synchronize and share every moment

Create amazing content with DJI Action 2. With the DJI Mimo app you can film, edit and share the highlights of each of your adventures. The app is packed with intuitive features and powerful editing tools, all at your fingertips.

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Share worthy content in just a few taps. The DJI Mimo app automatically selects and combines your epic moments with flawless transitions and upbeat music.

Quick file transfer

Use your smartphone to manage and transfer photos and videos in a flash. Getting organized has never been easier.

Find out more about DJI Mimo

Essential creative elements

Remote control telescopic handle

Take a group selfie, control Action 2 remotely and capture stable video thanks to the remote-controlled telescopic handle. The quick release handle is easy to handle and incorporates a telescopic handle, tripod and detachable remote control.

Macro lens

Snap on the macro lens to get creative close-up shots full of sharper details. This multi-coated optical glass lens is ideal for when you want to get close to your subject.

DJI Mini

DJI’s brand new wireless microphone system offers exceptional sound quality and dual channel recording from up to 200m away. [4] The system consists of two microphone transmitters, a receiver and an ultraportable charging case. Connect with Action 2 and record crystal clear audio as you play, sing in a duet or describe a local delicacy.



• Front touchscreen module

With the front OLED Touchscreen Module and 4 Matrix Stereo microphones you can compose selfies or videos and record crystal clear audio in any situation. Connect it to Action 2 and get up to a maximum of 160 minutes of battery life. [3]

• Magnetic lanyard

There are moments in life that are best lived naturally rather than from behind a screen. Action 2 is designed to allow users to capture these moments while enjoying every moment. With the magnetic lanyard, you can comfortably “wear” Action 2 directly on your chest, freeing your hands to grab a Frisbee on the fly or a drink.

• Support for magnetic adapter with spherical head

Fix Action 2 in place with the reusable adhesive base, for unique points of view in any scenario. The stand also allows you to attach it to tripods or other third-party accessories.

• Support for magnetic adapter

Use the magnetic adapter mount with almost any action camera accessory, for a secure connection in extreme sports scenarios.

• Telescopic handle with remote control

This versatile 3-in-1 accessory acts as a selfie stick, tripod, and remote-controlled detachable remote control, allowing you to expand your shooting possibilities.

• Macro lens

This multi-coated optical glass macro lens is ideal for creative close-up shots in ultra-sharp detail.

• DJI Mini

DJI Mic delivers crisp, clear audio for dual-microphone recording. Enjoy 6 hours of great sound plus 12 more from the charging case. [6] Take your vlogs to levels never before seen with DJI Mic and Action 2.

• Power module

Get the best out of Action 2 and its Power Module. When plugged in, you can shoot and film for up to 180 minutes and take advantage of a microSD card slot. [3]

• Magnetic band

FPV film cruising along a river or pedaling along a coastal path by connecting Action 2 to the Magnetic Headband. It allows you to have your hands free while shooting and relive the action exactly as it was in that precise moment.

• Waterproof case

The DJI Action 2 camera is rugged and waterproof from the start, but when paired with its Waterproof Case, it lets you push the boundaries on your aquatic adventures. The case can house your Action 2 and your Front Touchscreen Module or Power Module, protecting them up to 60m deep.

• Handle with DJI float

Dive in with your Action 2 by attaching the DJI Float Grip. The hollow design keeps the camera above the water, allowing you to film your next pool party or jet ski adventure without having to worry about losing your device. The non-slip handle is comfortable to handle and can be easily attached to the tripod of the waterproof case.



  • Camera
  • Camera + Front Touchscreen Module
  • Camera + Power module



1. Only possible if connected to the front Touchscreen Module

2. ONLY THE ACTION 2 CAMERA IS WATERPROOF. THE FRONT TOUCHSCREEN MODULE AND THE POWER MODULE ARE NOT WATERPROOF. It is recommended that you use the Waterproof Case for DJI Action 2 if you intend to use DJI Action 2 underwater for long periods (such as when diving) or in high water pressure conditions (such as when diving on reef). DJI Action 2 and its waterproof case have an IP68 waterproof rating. Do not use the camera in hot springs or expose it to corrosive liquids.

3. Maximum battery life was achieved when recording 1080p / 30 fps video (Power Reserve mode) with electronic image stabilization disabled and under laboratory conditions.

4. Do not stick the adhesive base to walls or other surfaces with oil, water, dust, gravel or other coarse particles to prevent the camera from falling due to unsafe connection.

5. When mounting DJI Action 2 on the roof or window of a car, be aware that excessive speed, strong winds, storms or particles on surfaces can affect the bond strength.

6. Maximum battery life was reached when both transmitters were connected to the receiver, backup recording was disabled and the receiver connected to a camera.

* DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo includes DJI Action 2 Camera × 1, Front Touchscreen Module × 1, Magnetic Lanyard × 1, Magnetic Ball Head Adapter Holder × 1, Magnetic Adapter Holder × 1, Power Cable × 1. DJI Action 2 Power Combo includes DJI Action 2 Camera × 1, Power Module × 1, Magnetic Lanyard × 1, Magnetic Adapter Holder × 1, Power Cable × 1. Accessories not included in the combo must be purchased separately.

** Do not connect the DJI Action 2 Camera to the Front Touchscreen Module or Power Module when there is dust or water in the expansion ports. This would result in corrosion or shorting of the camera.

*** All parameter values ​​listed on this page were measured using a DJI Action 2 production model, in a controlled test environment. Actual results may vary depending on the environment, method of use and firmware version.

**** All videos and images on this page were shot in strict compliance with relevant local laws and regulations.


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