Strap for gopro


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With this high quality cuff you will have your hands free and you can practice any sport.
Material: Neoprene, velcro and support made of high quality polycarbonate
Very resistant and easy to handle. Pressing with two fingers you can rotate the support and fix it
Adjustable velcro strap |
Includes: Velcro arm band with 360 ° rotation + Long screw



length: 30 cm
width: 7 cm

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free shipping in Italy

Description: Mounting swivel arm, brush for Gopro

Mounting Swivel for GoPro  on hand, brush, ankle.

This fastening strap with Velcro can attach your camera to your wrist, ankle or something with the same size,

To capture the fascinating moments when you drive, swim, surf, fly, etc.

Compatible with all GoPro .